Airlines vent fury at European ANSPs

May 24, 2012 0

The leaders of 34 major European airlines have rounded on some of Europe’s largest air traffic control institutions for their lack of progress on unifying the region’s severely fragmented airspace. European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas […]


Denmark puts COOPANS through early paces

May 17, 2012 0

Danish air navigation service provider Naviair has implemented a comprehensive upgrade of the computer system which operates the air traffic in Danish airspace as well as departure and approach to and from the airports in Copenhagen, […]


France taps CS for regional airport VCS

May 16, 2012 0

CS has won a 15 year contract to provide the French civil aviation authority DGAC/DSNA with an integrated IP-based radio/telephone Voice Communication System (VCS). The scope of the contract also includes the supply of independent […]


HungaroControl modernises operations

May 16, 2012 0

Hungarian air navigation service provider HungaroControl has launched a complex modernisation programme to meet new challenges presented by regional integration in line with the Single European Sky. The Business Process Reengineering project and the introduction […]


Single Sky benefits obscured by low growth

May 15, 2012 0

Cash-strapped air traffic control authorities are warning airlines that any efficiency savings derived from unifying Europe’s most heavily congested airspace will be far less than previously promised due mainly to a sharp drop in traffic […]


European aviation compiles SESAR wishlist

May 7, 2012 1

Europe’s aviation industry has signalled how it believes the Single European Sky air traffic modernisation programme should go forward. Industry groups representing the three ‘A’s – airlines, ANSPs and airports – said they had teamed […]


SESAR launches unmanned study

May 3, 2012 0

Europe is to launch a specific study on the integration of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in non-segregated airspace in a future Single European Sky scenario. The study, known as ICONUS (Initial CON OPS for UAS […]


FABEC divisions hamper Single Sky vision

April 4, 2012 0

Conflicting views on how to go about integrating cross-border air traffic control have hampered efforts to streamline operations in some of the busiest parts of Europe In its latest annual report, Swiss air traffic control […]


UK, Ireland double savings for airspace clients

April 2, 2012 0

The UK-Ireland Functional Airspace Block is achieving more than double the savings it targeted when it went operational in 2008 under Single European Sky rules. A functional airspace block, or FAB, is a sector of […]


Perfect flight must become norm: Airbus

March 20, 2012 0

In the run-up to this week’s aviation environment summit, European airframer Airbus said the ‘perfect flight’ should become the norm in an effort to shrink the environmental footprint of an aircraft’s flight. Airbus will be […]