SESAR CEO Survey 2016

The Single European Sky is entering a crucial phase as the first solutions to be fielded by the Single European Sky ATM Research Programme (SESAR) start to be deployed.

This phase is sure to be a complex endeavour with diverse challenges to be managed and competing interests to be negotiated to ensure that SESAR ATM technology is rolled out in a harmonised way across Europe.

For the first time ever, ATM magazine has comprehensively surveyed the senior leadership within the European industry on SESAR deployment and the prospects for success.

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Alvaro Gammicchia
Jan Klas
ANS CR (Czech Republic)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Anders Kirsebom
Avinor (Norway)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Johan Decuyper
Belgocontrol (Belgium)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Georgi Peev
BULATSA (Bulgaria)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Dragan Bilać
Croatia Control
Alvaro Gammicchia
Klaus Dieter Scheurle
DFS (Germany)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Maurice Georges
DSNA (France)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Ángel Luis Arias Serrano
ENAIRE (Spain)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Tanel Rautits
EANS (Estonia)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Kornél Szepessy
HungaroControl (Hungary)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Eamonn Brennan
IAA (Ireland)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Olle Sundin
LFV (Sweden)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Martin Rolfe
NATS (United Kingdom)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Morten Dambaek
Naviair (Denmark)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Magdalena Jaworska
PANSA (Poland)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Cârnu Fănică
ROMATSA (Romania)
Alvaro Gammicchia
Franc Željko Županič
Slovenia Control (Slovenia)

Survey Questions:











Industrial Partnerships

International Relationships

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