France’s DSNA to support Inmarsat modernisation programme

August 14, 2019 0

DSNA, France’s air navigation services provider (ANSP), has signed an agreement to join a consortium of European ANSPs supporting the modernisation of air traffic management (ATM) over Europe through the Iris programme. In partnership with […]


Eurocontrol, ANS CR, Thales work to reduce controller workload

July 5, 2019 0

Eurocontrol, Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR) and Thales have conducted a real time simulation to demonstrate how controller workload could be reduced by adapting the working method for early conflict resolution. The adapted working […]


SITAONAIR exceeds Single Sky targets with datalink upgrade

March 23, 2019 0

SITAONAIR has exceeded Single European Sky expectations through its instrumental work establishing a multi-frequency European datalink infrastructure to increase air traffic management (ATM) capacity in the region’s airspace. SITAONAIR, the aviation industry’s aircraft communications business, […]


Italian ENAV adopts datalink across airspace

April 26, 2018 0

Italian air navigation service provider ENAV has adopted a digital ground-air-ground communications system across the entire Italian airspace above 8,700 metres. From today, the area control centres from which ENAV manages en-route traffic flying over […]


SB-Safety enters United service evaluation

November 16, 2017 0

Global mobile satellite communications business Inmarsat and Cobham SATCOM have confirmed that SB-Safety (SB-S) has entered service evaluation on the first United Airlines Boeing B767 aircraft. The important milestone was achieved as part of a […]


Message delivery glitch hits Iridium CPDLC

October 20, 2017 0

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications via the Iridium Satcom network have been suspended after US aviation authorities issued a temporary ban within the New York / Oakland / Anchorage Flight Information Region (FIR). The Iridium system is set […]


Brazil checks CPDLC after US concern on Iridum

October 17, 2017 0

Brazil’s Department of Airspace Control (DECEA) said it is monitoring Controller Pilot Data Link Communications via the Iridium network after US aviation authorities imposed a temporary ban within the New York / Oakland / Anchorage Flight […]


SITAONAIR clinches PANSA CPDLC contract

April 14, 2016 0

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has selected air transport communications provider SITAONAIR to provide the data link service required to comply with the EU Data Link Regulations for the Single European Sky. The regulation […]


WATM: SITA to support Danube FAB datalink

March 13, 2015 0

SITA OnAir is forming a partnership to improve air traffic communications in the Danube Functional Airspace Block (FAB) supplementing voice with the more reliable data link. Together with air navigation service providers (ANSPs) Bulgarian Air […]


Data Burst

December 3, 2014 0

Aimée Turner examines European efforts to salvage a crucial technological enabler of the Single European Sky and assesses the likely impact on the deployment momentum of this key building block The platform on which Europe […]