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Aviation as an economic enabler

Aviation is now critical to the economies of many GCC states. How can the industry ensure it continues to facilitate economic progress? Ahmed Al Jallaf, … More ››

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Value for money

Are airlines getting value for money for the air traffic services they receive in the Middle East? Philippe Merlo, Eurocontrol The improvements of the ATM … More ››

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Is regulation keeping up with the pace of growth and innovation in the region? Teri Bristol, FAA From all accounts, the Middle East regulators see … More ››

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Short term priorities

What should the industry be doing to meet the immediate – and future – challenges? Peter Mohring, SERCO The ME industry (ANSPs, airlines and airports) … More ››

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How is the region coping with environmental challenges and is the industry doing enough? Hicham Bennani, ACAC Certain States in the region have made remarkable … More ››

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A look into the future

How will air traffic services be delivered in2030 (consolidation, technology, operational concepts etc.)? Abdul Wahab Teffaha, AACO The wish list would be the full implementation … More ››

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Class Act

Ahmed Al Jallaf describes efforts to harmonise ATM provision in the GCC’s upper airspace The Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area in … More ››

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The region has a good safety record. How can it maintain or even improve safety performance in the context of rapid growth? Hicham Bennani, ACAC … More ››

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Airspace is rapidly becoming the constraint to further growth. What should the region be doing to deliver the necessary capacity? Hicham Bennani, ACAC The region … More ››

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The military plays an important role in this region, how can the military’s requirements continue to be met? Jeff Poole, CANSO While the military has … More ››

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