France, NASA to research aircraft noise impact

October 10, 2016 0

NASA and France´s Office National d´Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (ONERA) are to collaborate on research that focuses on mitigating the effects of civil air transportation noise. NASA said under the agreement, NASA and ONERA will […]


DLR tests low-noise approaches at Frankfurt

September 30, 2016 0

To help pilots produce the lowest possible noise level in complex manoeuvres during the approach phase, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) has developed the Low Noise Augmentation System (LNAS) […]


California flight path slammed on noise woes

April 20, 2016 0

California’s senators waded into a debate over ongoing concerns about noise caused by new flight paths Monday with a letter asking the head of the Federal Aviation Administration to address the complaints, according to the […]


Perth flight path tweaked for noise study

February 9, 2016 0

Airservices will conduct a short study in Perth to compare modelled and actual aircraft noise data as part of the organisation’s ongoing efforts to explore opportunities to reduce aircraft noise. The study follows an environmental assessment […]


No noise benefit in Gold Coast departure trial

January 19, 2016 0

A 12-month trial of a flight path for Gold Coast Airport southern departures has demonstrated that the change did not deliver the intended noise improvement for residents. Airservices Australia will now begin work to reinstate […]


Troubled Skies

November 30, 2015 0

James Careless reports on how a Phoenix lawsuit is putting unwelcome heat on US NextGen plans to roll out performance based navigation On September 14, 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) implemented Performance Based Navigation […]


Airservices best practice on noise recognised

October 12, 2015 0

Australia’s efforts to reduce the impact of aircraft noise and engage with communities on noise issues have been recognised in a report jointly released by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation and Airports Council International. […]


RNAV tackles London Luton noise, emissions

August 24, 2015 0

London Luton Airport (LLA) has introduced Area Navigation (RNAV) technology for departing flights leaving the airport along the Match/Detling flight routes used during westerly operations; helping to draw aircraft away from densely populated areas. The […]


PBN comes under scrutiny in US noise study

May 11, 2015 0

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is embarking on a comprehensive scientific study to examine the relationship between aircraft noise exposure and its effects on communities around airports. The move is widely seen as […]