Brussels mulling radio navigation safety plan

March 22, 2017 0

Thousands of people throughout Europe are using GPS jammers that could stop tracking systems from working – including safety critical navigation systems used by modern aircraft. At the recent Munich Satellite Navigation Summit delegates met to discuss […]


Galileo's failed clocks latest hurdle to overcome

January 18, 2017 0

Nine high precision clocks on board Europe’s Galileo satellites – vital for the necessary synchronisation of critical satellite navigation technology – have failed, according to a space agency chief. Watch the ESA briefing (watch 12:40s and […]

Military ATC

In Denial

May 24, 2016 0

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working now to develop a backup system to be used by service members in the event that access to the Global Positioning System, or GPS, is […]


Iridium launches alternative GPS service

May 23, 2016 0

Iridium has launched its Satellite Time and Location (STL) service, an alternative or companion to traditional location-based technologies to offer accurate and resilient position, navigation and timing (PNT) technology. Due to the unique architecture of […]


South Korea to build eLoran system

May 4, 2016 0

South Korea will award a contract this month to secure technology required to build an eLoran system as an alternative to GPS, reports the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC). The announcement follows South Korea pointing the […]


Glitch In Time

February 4, 2016 0

Last week, a software glitch caused the GPS system to broadcast incorrect time signals. This post looks at the impact, and how organisations that depend on precise time can protect themselves, writes Guy Buesnel. It […]


Clocking On

January 6, 2016 0

One of the greatest episodes in the history of clockmaking unfolded over three decades during the 18th century in response to a government challenge to overcome a daunting and often deadly problem: Find a way […]


US to revisit LORAN as GPS back-up

May 27, 2015 0

Exelis, UrsaNav, the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), and the US Coast Guard have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) for testing and demonstration at former LORAN-C […]


USAF to deploy non-GPS positioning technology

June 12, 2013 0

The US Air Force 746th Test Squadron (746 TS) has awarded New Mexico-based TMC Design Corporation a contract to install and integrate the Locata Non‐GPS Based Positioning System (NGBPS) on White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). […]