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Materna ips is a 360° service provider delivering a complete range of services for automated passenger handling to airlines and airports: covering check-in self-bag-drop hardware through to software implementations as well as service delivery and maintenance.

Our Common Use Self Service (CUSS) solutions include applications for kiosk, online or mobile check-in, automated bag drop and solutions for secure access and self-boarding.

With over 30 years of experience, Materna helps to minimize costs and at the same time to increase efficiency and safety. Materna focuses on integrating systems and infrastructure and delivers customized solutions for individual requirements. With our own service engineers Materna ensures swift and reliable on-site services.

Major airports and airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates, Eurowings, London Gatwick, Toronto Airport,Vienna International Airport, Athens Airport, Hamburg Airport, Swedavia or John Wayne Airport are just some of Materna’s customers.

In 2016 Materna acquired DSG BagDrop and integrated its portfolio completely into the portfolio of Materna ips. With this acquisition the Materna Group and the Norwegian company joined forces and provide a first-class self-bag drop product portfolio in the dynamic market segment of automated passenger handling.

Check-in Solutions: Check-in Hardware, CUSS Platform, Check-in Applications

Our fully IATA-standardized Common Use Self Service (CUSS) platform and applications provide fast and easy-to-use check-in for all kinds of kiosks In addition to the CUSS-based solutions, Materna also offers CUPPS-services for staffed counters at airports.

Self Bag Drop: Quick, easy and secure in less than 30 seconds!

With our wide range of bag drop solutions we are the leader for self bag drop and offer solutions for one or two-stop processes. We deliver intelligent and state-of-the-art kiosks or retrofit models. Our self bag drop installations completely fulfill modern security standards and passenger service requirements. Customers choose between different models, depending on their existing infrastructure and special needs. As a full-service provider, we also provide CUSS and CUTE support. Our self-bag-drop solutions are CUSS & IATA compliant and support multiple airline DCS. With the largest Self Bag Drop installations in the world we guarantee most possible flexibility and safety to our customers.

Cabin Luggage Check

An intelligent system for checking hand luggage is our cabin luggage check for the automatic inspection of hand baggage. The system identifies the bags and verifies the compliance with the specific airline rules for cabin luggage.

This ensures that only bags which are of correct size and weight will be accepted as hand luggage and avoids time delays while boarding the aircraft.

Secure Access: Our solutions for your safety.

Our Secure Access software provides safe access to various kinds of secure areas in airport environments – running in attended or unattended modes.

When passengers pass from landside to airside, it checks their boarding passes and verifies the information by comparing it with the airport’s database.

It provides additional information, statistics, peak times, passengers residence and also displays the walking time of passengers to their gate or any gate changes.

Self Boarding: Convinced by efficiency and security

Optimize your boarding process significantly with our Self Boarding Gate solution. After successfully reading the passenger´s boarding pass, the system automatically checks the validity of the passenger data and provides the airline with all the information it needs – without anyone else being involved.

The Self Boarding application can be integrated easily into your existing infrastructure and if required, it can also be equipped with a biometric data identification function, such as face recognition.

Our Field and Payment Services throughout our whole solutions range

With our world-wide operations and a strong partner network we favor simplified and constant customer dialogue as well as straightforward processes. A team of certified IT specialists and project managers guarantees customer-oriented, high-quality and well-proven services. If required, we can take care of your service delivery, management and maintenance for the preferred solutions.

With integrated payment services at kiosks or via mobile devices, you provide the best possible service to your passengers. As airport terminal space is limited and passengers expect their experience on the ground to be as convenient as possible, easy payment processes save time and money.


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