Eurocontrol (Europe)
Eurocontrol assists the European Union, contributing to both the regulatory and the technology elements of the Single European Sky, by: drafting implementing rules, guidance and technical regulatory material for the implementation of SES regulations; assisting Member States in exercising their regulatory functions and identifying needs for new regulations for the complex new ATM technologies and procedures delivered by SESAR.
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Functional Airspace Blocks (Europe)
Defined in the Single European Sky legislative package, a ‘FAB’ means an airspace block based on operational requirements and established regardless of state boundaries, where the provision of air navigation services is optimised and/or integrated.
There are nine FAB initiatives that have been notified to the European Commission:

  • Baltic FAB: Lithuania, Poland
  • Blue MED (Mediterranean FAB): Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta. Furthermore Egypt and Tunisia are Associate Partners; Albania and Jordan are Observers.
  • Danube: Bulgaria, Romania
  • FAB EC (FAB Europe Central):Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland,
  • FAB CE (FAB Central Europe): Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina , Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Slovenia
  • NEFAB:Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden
  • NUAC: Denmark, Sweden
  • SW Portugal-Spain: Portugal, Spain
  • UK-IR FAB: Ireland, United Kingdom

United States (NextGen)

In 2014 the US Federal Aviation Administration created a new interagency office to coordinate federal investment in the ambitious NextGen ATC modernisation effort following the elimination of the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO).
Congress erased funding for the JPDO in 2014, 10 years after it required the Department of Transportation to establish the office under the Vision 100-Century of Aviation legislation that launched NextGen.
NextGen Institute
The Joint Planning and Development Office (JPOD) created a new organization called the NextGen Institute, to provide a mechanism for industry to participate help develop NextGen products and providing input on important policies. Visit the NextGen Institute